How to Raise Money for Debt Negotiation With a Great Yard Sale

What do you think of when you hear the term yard sale? You probably think of a bunch of junk sitting on a driveway, where the homeowner raises maybe $30.

Well, as the French would say, au contraire.

You can raise big money for debt negotiation by having a great yard sale, and here’s what you need to do.

12 great tips

Start early. This is a case where the early bird definitely gets the worm. Don’t wait until Saturday morning to start your sale. Start it on Friday. Then, if you still have stuff left over, sell it on Saturday.

Start saving stuff at least six months in advance. If you do this, you’ll not only have more stuff to sell, but you’ll have cleared a lot of the clutter out of your house and garage.

Check first. Does your neighborhood even allow yard sales? Some don’t. Or your town may require a permit. That’s very rare but possible. Do your homework before staging a yard sale to make sure your neighbors won’t complain or that someone from code enforcement doesn’t come by, and tell you to cease and desist.

Don’t be a Lone Ranger. This is a situation where you shouldn’t go it alone. Try to get neighbors involved. They’ll thank you for it, and the more stuff you have to sell, the more successful your sale will be. Think about going door-to-door to get your whole neighborhood involved.

Be sure to check the weather. The last thing you want to happen is to get your stuff rained on. Also, it’s better to hold the sale outside then in your garage. That means more light and space for people to move around and check out your stuff.

Advertising is crucial. It’s vitally important to get the word out. You can make the yard sale signs yourself so long as they’re big enough to read. Test them out by driving by to see if you can easily read them. Make sure your signs include arrows, you address, and maybe even your phone number. Be sure to post your sale on Craigslist and sites such as Be sure your advertisement includes a list of highly sought after items like electronics, furniture, collectibles, and brand name stuff.

Group stuff together. Arrange your items in classifications like clothing, books, toys, and so forth. Sort any clothing by type and size, and music and books alphabetically. Space stuff out so that people can move around easily and quickly.

Label and price things clearly. A great way to price things is with removable stickers. You might use different colors for different prices. Consider grouping things together on a table at a fixed price like everything on this table $3. That will keep you from having to label everything individually.

Encourage bulk purchases. People shop yard sales because they love to save money. Group things together like three books for $2 or four DVDs for $5. That way, your shoppers will feel they’re getting more of a bargain, and your redundant stuff will disappear faster.

Be flexible. If it’s getting late in the day, and you have stuff that hasn’t sold, cut your prices. Remember you have two objectives – to make money and to get rid of stuff. If selling stuff cheaper than you had hoped will make it go away, you’re still ahead of the game

Keep it simple. Price everything in quarter increments. You should have at least one roll of quarters, $20 in $1 bills, and a few $5 and $10 bills. Remember the adage, for the want of a nail a shoe was lost. You don’t want to lose a juicy sale because you didn’t have change for a $20 bill. Probably the best way to keep your money available is in a fanny pack.

Don’t be a helicopter. People hate to be hovered over.Don’t follow your shoppers around as they examine your stuff. Give them a wave and a smile to show you’re available, Then, let them browse. You could consider offering your shoppers lemonade, cold water or a soda.

Have an extension cord. If you’re selling electronics, people will want to know that the stuff works. Run an extension cord out from your house or garage, so you can demonstrate that TV, boombox, or CD player. For that matter, you might want to have some music playing as this provides a nice atmosphere.

In conclusion

If you’re trying to amass money to settle your debts, a yard sale can really help. Just follow the tips you’ve read in this article, and you’ll have a successful sale that will earn you big bucks.